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Cover for your belongings at home and on the move

With our standard cover and extras we can protect your precious things when mishaps happen. Whether you’re working from home, living with a flatmate or moving to a new home.

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Inclusions that make sense

House on fire during a flood.

Natural disaster damage

Your eligible contents are covered for loss and damage caused by storms, lightning, hail, fires, floods and water runoff.

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Split the bills, and your insurance. Add flatmates to your policy to have their things covered too.

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Home office

Cover for eligible damage to your equipment with up to $20,000 of home office cover.

A moving van.

In transit

If your contents are lost or damaged while in transit to your new home, you’re covered.

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Theft or vandalism

Get covered for the cost of replacing eligible stolen or vandalised contents with brand new ones.

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Water damage

If your home and things are damaged by water, you’re covered for the clean up and repair costs.

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New for old

Cover for the replacement of eligible contents at the item’s value today, not its depreciated value.

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Visitor contents

If you have friends and family staying over, we’ll also cover their belongings for up to $500.

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Counselling services

After an insured event, get cover for counselling services with a registered practitioner.

These are some of the highlights and benefits of our standard cover options for renters. Please refer to the PDS for details on insured events that can impact claims, as well as other exclusions and limitations.

Advanced cover and extras for when you can’t go without

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Accidental damage

Cover for damage or loss to your eligible contents due to an accidental event at home.

A mobile device.

Mobile phones

Keep connected with cover for lost or damaged mobile phones up to the agreed sum insured.

A painting and a vase.

Individual items

Extra protection for your most valuable items that goes beyond your included contents cover.

A computer.

Small business

Cover for eligible lost or damaged equipment or stock used to run your small business up to $20,000.

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Away from home

Cover for your eligible contents when you’re on the move anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

A washing machine.

Motor burnout

Repair or replacement for the burnout of electric motors in appliances under 10 years old.

These are some of the highlights and benefits of our additional cover options for renters. Please refer to the PDS for details on insured events that can impact claims, as well as other exclusions and limitations.

Frequently asked questions

Renters insurance can cover the contents within a home, including your eligible valuable belongings following an insured event. This includes protection of your contents from unpredictable weather and the impacts of cyclones, floods, storms and bushfires. Renters insurance also protects you against things like theft, damage and legal liability.

Renters insurance covers your contents against loss or damage as a result of an insured event. For a full list of the insured events we cover, please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement .

Another way of thinking about this is to consider the cost of replacing all of your items, rather than just their current value. In the event of a claim, and if you need to replace all your items, you may not have the money available to do so. This is why some customers choose to have contents insurance.

We offer smart insurance for renters that’s as flexible as your living situation. Working from home, living with a flatmate, moving house, it’s all good. With our standard cover and extras, we can protect your precious things from things like storms, theft, and accidents – even when you take eligible items out on the town.

We aren’t able to provide you with advice on the replacement costs of your contents or how much to insure it for. Instead, we use the information you give us and data sourced from third parties to recommend an amount of cover you should have. You should use this recommendation as a guide.

Your contents sum insured should include items such as fixtures and fittings (e.g. carpet, blinds, curtains), furniture, electrical goods, and all personal items. Items of value that you want to list on your Certificate of Insurance – such as jewellery, media or artworks – should also be included in the overall sum insured.

We recommend that you use a contents calculator to determine independently an appropriate sum insured for your needs, which you can then compare to the guide provided by us during your quote.

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