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Get comprehensive car insurance with cover that protects your car wherever it is. When an accident happens, you need emergency repairs or you’re stranded on a road trip, we’ve got you.

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Inclusions that make sense

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Loss or damage

If your car is stolen or damaged as a result of an insured event, we’ll cover the costs for your car up to the sum insured.

A hire car.

Hire car after not at fault collision or theft

Cover to hire a similar-sized car if yours has been stolen (up to $150 per day for up to 21 days) or involved in a not-at-fault collision (up to $150 per day).

A hotel.

Emergency accommodation or travel

Help covering short-term accommodation and transportation (up to $100 daily to a total of $1500) if an incident is more than 100km from home.

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Personal property

Cover the loss or damage to your personal property (up to $1500) inside your car due to an incident.

Safety assurance sheild.

Baby capsules and child seats

Cover up to $1500 to replace baby capsules or child seats fitted to your car and are stolen or damaged due to an incident.

A car key.

Keys and locks

If your car keys are lost or stolen, get covered to replace and recode the keys and locks (up to $1500).

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Lifetime repair guarantee

Guarantee for repairs and to fix any faulty workmanship for as long as you or a family member own the car.

A sports car.

New car replacement for total loss

If your car is under 2 years old and was either purchased new or is a demonstrator car.

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Emergency repairs

Cover for emergency repairs arranged by you to ensure your car is safe to drive, up to $1500.

These are some of the highlights and benefits of our standard cover options for motorists. Please refer to the PDS for details on insured events that can impact claims, as well as other exclusions and limitations.

Frequently asked questions

ALDI Insurance offers comprehensive car insurance only. It does not offer compulsory third party (CTP) or any other forms of motor insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance is a policy that provides the most protection for your vehicle. It covers your car for a range of different circumstances including:

  • Cover for the loss or damage to your vehicle in an accident, theft, fire or weather event
  • Payment for any emergency repairs to your vehicle up to $1500 or for the cost of hiring a car when yours has been stolen (up to $150 per day up to 21 days)
  • Third party liability cover for when you cause damage to someone else’s vehicle or property

Compulsory third party (CTP) insurance protects drivers from the financial impact of causing injury or death as the result of a motor vehicle accident.

ALDI Comprehensive Car Insurance covers your vehicle against loss or damage as a result of an insured event. For a full list of the insured events we cover, please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement .

While we aren’t able to provide you with advice on the replacement costs of your vehicle or how much to insure it for, we use the information you give us and data sourced from third parties to recommend an amount of cover you should have. You should use this recommendation as a guide. ALDI Insurance uses agreed value, rather than market value, when determining how much to insure your vehicle for.

Market Value

When insuring your vehicle for a market value, the value of your vehicle will be determined when you make a claim for an incident. This will be calculated based on your local car market, the age and condition of your vehicle and the kilometres it has travelled. Please note that ALDI Insurance do not offer market value policies.

Agreed value

When you choose an agreed value policy, the value of your vehicle will be mutually agreed on by you and ALDI Insurance. This value will remain valid until your next renewal. At renewal, if you do not agree with the new value you have been offered, you can call us to discuss this.

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